Do you have a business idea based on your PhD research? A consultancy or a deeptech project? Well, you are not alone. A lot of PhD researchers out there have plans to become their own bosses rather than getting a job, when they’re done with their degree. In today’s episode, you’ll hear Jessica Steinberg’s recount of her experience translating the knowledge she gained working on her thesis into a sustainable business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Figuring out what aspect of your doctoral work is marketable
  • Taking the risk and the time to invest in your entrepreneurial project
  • Taking the consultant route
  • Negotiating with clients as a young entrepreneur
  • How creating a personal board of directors can help you
  • How the accountability of a reading/writing/studying group can help you move your PhD forward
  • Why you should be on LinkedIn

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Jessica Steinberg

Jessica Steinberg explores how change happens at the intersection of normality and unfamiliarity a cyclical process that is the 21st century embodiment of revolutions evolution. She is a PhD student at the University of Oxford researching the process of policymaking through the lens of cannabis legalization and commericalization. Jessica is setting precedence for emerging markets to refuse systematic replication. Her policy work takes place as an official delegate for cannabis related meetings held at the UN and WHO.

Her academic work led to commercial opportunities. She founded and is the Managing Director of international cannabis consultancy, The Global C, and co-founder of a womens empowerment organization cultivating a space for women in the legal cannabis industry, entOURage Network. Jessica is Head of Community at Ohana CBD, a plant-based self care skincare company.

Thank you, Jessica Steinberg!

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Jessica’s pearls of wisdom:

“One thing I’ve started with at the center is a 3-hour reading-writing-working-studying session. It’s hree sessions of 45 minutes of uninterrupted work, and then we have 15 minutes of break. And this is a common practice for people in general, it’s not just for students. But if you can dedicate and block out that amount of time, knowing all of your notofications are off, your phone is in another room, your tab of social media are forgotten about – just totally non-distracted 45 minutes – what we have found from people who are joining these sessions is those three hours are the most productive hours of the day, if not the week, if it’s the only session that they join.”

“To my point earlier about a personal board of directors and how you can really fill your space with peolpe that you’re learning from, that are challenging you – if LinkedIn is a space to do that, by all means, take  advantage of the resources that are in front fo you. And I don’t think an age or a gender should limit that. It’s just a platform and it’s how you choose to go about using it.”

This episode’s resources:

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