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Papa PhD Pearls of Wisdom – 2019 Season

For the last episode of the 2019 season of Papa PhD, instead of an  interview, we’re bringing you some of the best advice our guests have shared so far, so enjoy the insights, take the opportunity to go listen to the earlier episodes, and remember to rate and leave a comment on your podcast app,…

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David Freiheit – Merging Law, Popularization, and Content Creation

Life is not in black and white. Your life, who you are, is a patchwork stemming from your upbringing, your experiences, who you’ve met, the choices you’ve made. What you studied is also a piece of this patchwork, but it’s not the whole thing. And the more you go into your adult life, the more…

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Tamarah Luk – Taking on Further Studies After Grad School – Law

Sometimes, when you finish your studies you get a job, or you start a business. Sometimes, you go back to school. Be it because you want to go to law school or med school, or because you want to access a domain that requires you to have a related degree, you may be headed back…

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